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As a college coach, group facilitator, and public speaker, I strive to spark curiosity and enthusiasm in my clients and provide them with the support to find their fit, passion, and  develop skills that will set them apart.

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In my tenure working in higher education, I have a proven track record of getting students into college paired with the best financial aid package which results in little to no cost for their education. My goal is to empower students and families with a targeted approach to achieve academic success. 

As a certified Professional Scrum Master, I desire to provide guidance in a collaborative environment to ensure agile practices are being followed. As a CAPM candidate with the Project Management Institute, I desire experiences and opportunities that will allow me to work for the broader community. I want to show I have mastered the strategies, tools and communication needed to keep projects moving forward.



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"He literally meets with every student that walks through our door to ensure their financial aid needs are met, which is no easy feat. Greg is innovative and brings lots of energy to our team."

-Jasmin, Year Up

"Mr. Martin goes above and beyond for every student. He helped me map out a game plan to successfully enroll into my first college choice." 

-Ronald, Atlanta Technical College

"I know you may say, it is because he is your brother, but it is because he is great at what he does. That is why I pay full price."

-Gabrielle, Williams College

"I was able to incorporate the scrum framework with my team on internship which made my experience that much better."

-Amari, Intern at BOA


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