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Let's Zoom In

I know I'm a week late, but I'm back with tips on optimizing your virtual meetings in Zoom.

  1. Outcomes and goals. Come up with a meeting goal or learning outcome. Two questions you can start asking yourself are, "What do I want my participants to get out of this meeting?" "What are my goals and/or outcomes that I want to achieve by the end of the meeting?" Try to share the agenda so people can understand the flow of the meeting.

  2. User experience. If you are facilitating in Zoom think about the people who will be participating. What kind of vibe do you want set in the virtual space? Set the tone, try to maintain it, but also remember to be flexible and adaptable.

  3. Punctuality is key. Start on time. End on time. If you feel you are falling off track, it is okay, breathe, re-adjust, and re-prioritize.

  4. Schedule meetings early if you can. This will help you stay organized, give you time to prepare, and allow participants to ensure they can attend.

  5. Work smarter not harder. If you meet regularly you can create recurring meetings and save your settings as one URL link. This lets you lock in all of the settings you want and because the URL link is the same you will not have keep creating new links.

  6. Get personal. Create a personal meeting link. This will allow for a clean and consistent URL link. All participants including the host will be able to remember it much easier.

  7. Be inclusive. A unique zoom feature you can enable is the closed captions feature. Having a co-host can help maximize this feature. You can also utilize a 3rd party captionist to do the live closed captions. This feature can be used as a interactive tool to get your audience engaged by asking live questions.

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