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New Normal

Remote working and learning has allowed organizations to enter a period of a new normal which is rooted in virtual interaction. Institutions and organizations are repositioning themselves and rethinking their notions about a traditional academic environment. Educational institutions are leading the shift in the learning experience. The question that many intuitions are faced with is, "What campus life will look like?"

The time is ripe for experimenting, implementing new ideas, and embracing the multiple ways to authentically connect with students, families, and staff. The student experience is very crucial in creating a campus culture. Organizations will have to adjust and leaders are now called to action in ensuring that they maintain that strong campus culture. Creating a sense of belonging and affinity is so vital in student success.

The majority of the student body will be of Gen Z generation, which can be seen as reassuring because they are the digital natives and are very connected with their personal devices. Organizations should feel empowered to leverage platforms to interact with students and families. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch are just a few of the digital platforms that organizations can use to authentically embrace change and expand their unique campus culture in these virtual spaces.

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