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Starting with Zoom

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Meetings, training, classes, and most importantly happy hour are mostly online. During this time I have been interacting with people online. The platform Zoom usage has grown tremendously and I love it. I am going to share a few quick tips and how to set the stage for Zoom meetings.

  1. Turn your camera on: Not everyone will have the option to do so, but if possible and if they are comfortable, ask them. Seeing each other increases the feeling of connection and allows for more engagement. This also means people are likely to be more active participants in the call and not work on other things at the same time.

  2. Gallery view: You chose between gallery or speaker view in the Zoom platform. I suggest Gallery view which means you can see everyone in the call and not just the speaker. This allows you to feel like you are part of the group and you can also pick up on people's non-verbals/body language, in an effort to keep them engaged.

  3. Mute: Make sure that all participants and/or guest are on mute, if not ask them to mute their microphones. You, as the host can unmute and mute people. You can also mute and unmute everyone at the same time. This will help with sound quality of your event and people are less like to talk over others. I also use headphones, this helps with sound quality.

  4. Speaking Rules: When speaking people should: unmute themselves, raise their physical or digital hand, or write in the chat.

  5. Your name: At times when people call in and their name shows up it may not be their exact name. Ask everyone to rename themselves with the name they would like to be addressed by.

  6. Recording:Don't be scared to use the record feature in Zoom. You can always revisit the recordings to get better for next zoom meeting or use it to share with world.

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